3 Types Of Membership Sites You Can Run For your Top Business Ideas

Membership sites are a great way to earn recurring income that keeps coming in month after month and that will enrich your Top Business Ideas. Most marketers expect to have to deal with membership plugins and various other “techie” things to manage these sites. While those things all work fine, they’re not the only option you have. Let’s look at three types of membership sites you can run without a big investment in learning new technologies.

Top Business Ideas
Fixed-Term Memberships

A fixed-term membership, also known as an FTM, is one of the simplest to start and maintain for your Top Business Ideas. These sites are set up to run for a set length of time, after which the members’ commitment is over.

The advantage for you is that your commitment to provide content is also over, so you don’t have to come up with ideas for new content indefinitely. This type of membership lets you figure out how much content you can create up front, and then just set the term appropriately.

All you really need to run an FTM is a simple website and an autoresponder – there’s no tricky technical stuff to get set up. Your buyers land on a page where they can opt-in for the members’ email list, and then all the content is sent by autoresponder.

PLR Memberships

A private label rights membership is one in which you provide PLR products (and maybe resell rights also) to your members. You can buy these products from various other places, such as the Warrior Forum or other PLR marketplaces, or you can create them yourself (or have them created for you).

You can use part of the revenue you generate from your paying members to buy the products, and keep the difference as your profit. As long as you have a minimum number of members, it doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket. And your members get far more than their money’s worth, comparing the membership fee to what buying all the product individually would cost.

This can be managed through an autoresponder as well, or you can set up a secure members’ area on your website.

Service Memberships

If you offer a service, such as graphic design or writing, you could create a membership option for your customers where they get a certain amount of work every month for a flat recurring fee.

You need to careful, of course, to be sure you can keep up with all the work you’re offering, but this can be a good way to “lock in” your customers so you get paid every month.


Membership Sites For your Top Business Ideas

This short article show you just an overview about what you can do. You need to use your imagination in combination with the real fact and I’m sure you will have a great membership site for your Top Business Ideas

Stay tuned for more to come

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