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3 Ways To Come Up With Content For Your Affiliate Site

Creating new content on an ongoing basis can be a challenging task when you’re building affiliate websites for your Top Business Ideas. And when you’re dealing with a niche that you aren’t really interested in personally, the task can be even harder to keep up. In this article, we’re going to discuss three strategies for making your content creation a little easier.Affiliate Blogging


Autoblogging is probably the one method that gets the most attention. Autoblogging uses a WordPress plugin to grab content from other sites, combine it into somewhat unique posts and then add it to your blog – without any action or input on your part.

The fact that it is virtually 100% hands-off is the big reason it’s so popular. Unfortunately, it’s also not very effective if you just set it and forget it.

Your autoblogs will be a lot more effective if you also add original content every once in a while. Just to be sure there’s nothing you wouldn’t want on your site, it’s also a good idea to go in and review the posts every few days.


Curation is another hot topic at the moment. This is basically “reporting” on news, products or other content from various sources. You can mix in some of your own commentary on snippets of content from other sites. Read the rest of this entry

The 3 Most Effective Types Of Affiliate Offers

Choosing an affiliate offer for your Best Business Ideas isn’t as simple as just finding an offer and grabbing your affiliate link. That may work in some cases, but you’ll be able to earn a lot more commissions by looking for three specific things.

High Ticket Offers

It’s logical that earning a 50% commission on a higher priced item is going to be more profitable than the same percentage of something that sells for less. Why settle for $12.50 when you could be earning $250?

Sure, it might be easier to get someone to part with $50 than with $500 but in many ways it just comes down to choosing the right market, and the right type of buyers to target.

If your website is designed to appeal to the people who are more likely to be buying high-ticket items, the amount of work you have to put into it isn’t really all that much different than a site that appeals to people looking for lower ticket items. Read the rest of this entry

You hear the term niche marketing all the time. Many internet marketing training guides tell you that you should promote highly specific niches if you want to expand your Top Business Ideas. Unfortunately this isn’t the best advice if you want to be able to grow your business. Let’s examine a few of the things you should consider before diving into a market.

First, let’s be clear on what the difference is between a niche and a market. A market is the broader overall topic, such as weight loss, while a niche is a subset of that bigger market, such as weight loss supplements.

Many people recommend you avoid the broad markets and instead focus on the smaller niches, because there is usually a lot less competition. While this is true, the end result of doing it this way is that you have a lot less opportunity for growth.

Being able to make multiple related offers to your audience is a critical piece of being successful with affiliate marketing.

When you target too tight of a niche, you may not be able to find enough offers that aren’t the same thing.

By targeting the broad market, you’ll have many more related offers that you could send to your audience.

For example, let’s say you were going to target the “lose weight” market. You’d have a ton of things to offer your audience: Read the rest of this entry

A lot of marketers, when they work with their Top Business Ideas, think of affiliate marketing in terms of getting a visitor to click a link, then hope they buy something. It’s a never-ending battle of having to find new visitors to replace the ones that clicked on a link and left your site. While this can work, it not only creates a lot of work, it also leaves a lot of money on the table.

Here’s the way to look at it. If 100 people visit your site every day and click an affiliate link (or just leave the site) you need to get another 100 visitors every day to maintain your revenue. If you want to improve them, you have to get even more.

What would your results be like if you could get some of those 100 people to come back to the site in the future? Your traffic would just keep growing over time, wouldn’t it?

Building an email list is how you can accomplish this. Building an email list means you’ll have to give up some short term revenue (you want those visitors to join your list, not click an affiliate link) but you can take control of your own traffic when you have an email list.

Once you get those people signed up for your email list, you can contact them over and over again, with various affiliate offers instead of just the one they might have clicked on otherwise. Provided you’re delivering value, you could have them on your list for years.

Isn’t that more logical than hoping someone clicks an affiliate link on your site?

The trick, mind you, is convincing all those people to join your email list. There are several strategies that can help with this.

First, if you can offer your visitors an incentive for subscribing, your results will be better. Something that’s relevant to your market and that your visitors are likely to be interested in. This could be a special report, an ebook, an email course or any number of other things.

Second, you want to put the opt-in form in highly visible locations on your website. You want every visitor to see two things – the opt-in form and the incentive you’re offering.

Exit pops are an effective way to collect opt-ins when someone tries to click away from the site. This can catch some of that “nearly lost” traffic before it is gone forever.

By using these simple strategies, you’ll be able to build an email list pretty fast, which means you can send traffic to your site with a single email.

Work with the examples above to find your best way to improve your Top Business Ideas