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One of the decisions you’ll have to make when choosing affiliate offers to promote Your Best Business Ideas is whether you want to work with private affiliate programs or stick to the bigger affiliate networks. There are pros and cons to each type of offers, so let’s take a quick look at some of the things you should keep in mind.

The affiliate networks like Shareasale and Commission Junction have two big advantages.

1. Since they work with so many products from various vendors, you have a lot more choice.

2. The networks take care of your payments, so there’s less chance that you won’t receive your commissions.

We’ll look at it in more detail in a minute, but just be aware that the second issue is a bigger problem than you might expect.

One of the main disadvantages of the affiliate networks is that it’s not as easy to get in touch with the vendors, and you may even run into trouble getting accepted by some.

Because so many affiliates use these networks, you tend to get treated as just another faceless name by many of the affiliate managers, at least until you start generating enough sales that they take notice of you.

You can often get more personal attention with smaller affiliate programs, because they’re often run by the same person who is running all aspects of the business

- If you have questions, you can often get them answered quicker.
- If you’re referring a lot of sales, there’s usually more potential for negotiating a better commission rate.
- You may have more access to the vendor for things like interviews and other promotions.

The main disadvantage to these smaller programs is that you don’t always gets paid consistently (and sometimes not at all). There are a few things you can do to minimize the risk, however.

Before you commit to any large promotions, run some smaller tests to see how they perform. Ask questions and see how quickly they respond, and keep track of when they send your commissions.

Secondly, you can look at sites like and to see if there’s any feedback from other affiliates.

Third, do a little competitive research with Google to find other affiliates who are promoting the offers. You can often find other affiliates by searching for the affiliate referral URLs of any given program.

If some of the larger affiliates in your market are promoting the offer, chances are good that you don’t need to worry.

So, now it is up to you to decide where to go with your Best Business Ideas. If you have some comments to this, please post it below.

E1KaD is a Must For Your Business

I just want to share one very important step for you to take in your path to fulfil your Top Business Ideas. Join a community. E1KaD is an abbreviation that stands for Earn 1 K (thousand) a Day. This is a name that might give the
wrong picture of what it really is. Dennis Becker, the 5 buck guy, is the founder of this forum. And I
must say by joining E1KaD is one of the most important decisions I have made in my IM appearance.

By saying that the name might give the wrong impression I mean this: You don’t have to make $
1.000 per day to blend in. You don’t even have to make $1 a day. This community is more like a
family where each and every one is helping each other. Never a harsh word during the time I have
been a member. If you have a problem, you will get answers, no matter what. The experience among
the members is huge. There are people inside that earn a substantial amount of money and there
are people totally new in to IM. But there is no difference how they are treated. You are a big warm
family. And the focus is to help each other which mean you will help yourself. That’s the bonus effect

The Warrior Forum might be the biggest IM forum on the Internet and you need to be a member
there too, but E1KaD is even more important. WF is a free forum to join, but the members do not
relate to each other in the same way. The focus at WF is more on how to earn money a quick as
possible just for me. And there is nothing wrong with that, but for you to evolve and to make your
own business to grow, WF is not the best place to focus on. You will have so much more value inside
E1KaD. And the things you learn and experience inside E1KaD, you bring to WF and you will make
money much easier.

This is not a free community, and maybe you think that you can’t afford to be a member. I can’t
stress enough when I say, think again. The truth is you can’t afford not to be a member. The monthly
fee is $39.95, but you can try it out for 10 days for only $2.95. What is it to think about? Just by
joining you will have access to products worth 100 times that cost. And that is just a small part. If you
join E1KaD and start to be active (don’t be shy) it will pay off. And no matter if you are totally new or very

But if you are really serious in getting your Top Business Ideas to flourish and to skyrocket through the roof, the you must take a look at this; Platinum E1KaD. It is to much to show here. Check it out by yourself. You will thank me later on.

Using Forums to Generate Quick Traffic

Forums is a great source to Increase Traffic to your site. I have inserted a short video for you to view. So today you don’t have to read. Just relax and view the video.

Please comment below if you prefer to read or to view videos like this.

At first glance, it seems counter intuitive to write for other sites to Increase Traffic to yours. After all, if you’re writing for other websites they’re the ones benefiting from the content, not you.

That’s true, but it can also help you in several ways. Let’s look at a few strategies for generating traffic by writing for other people’s websites.

Guest blogging is probably the most effective method for doing this. This is when you write a blog post for someone else’s blog, as a “guest author.”When you do this, you’ll usually get a short bio included with the post and it can have a link back to your own site.

This link is the benefit that you’ll get from providing other websites with your content. First of all, a certain number of the people who read the post will click on that link and visit your site. If your post is on a high-traffic blog, you can get a lot of traffic to your site in a short period of time from that link.

That link will also stay on that site over the long term, so it will continue to get clickthroughs as new people find your post and it can develop into a valuable backlink over time, as that post ages. In the long run, if the site has a lot of authority with the search engines that link could become quite valuable to your site.

Another effective way to write for other websites is through article marketing. This has a lot of similarities with guest blogging in that you’re providing content for other sites in exchange for a link or two back to your own, but because your articles can also get picked up by other sites it can result in even more backlinks.

While you’ll often get some direct click through traffic in the short-term, the backlinks you develop are usually more valuable.

A paid writing position can also generate traffic back to your own website in some cases. Some websites, such as, pay their writers and if you can get a position with them they will often include a bio on their site. Which includes a link back to your main website, naturally. A good way to Increase Traffic in a positive way.

You have your Top Business Ideas and You get a lot of traffic from sites like Google and Facebook, but if you rely on them for visitors, you’re going to be at their mercy. If one or more of them suddenly decides your site doesn’t meet some random “quality score” or other factor, your traffic could dry up overnight. Fortunately there is another very effective way to drive traffic without having to rely on any of these types of sites.

The way to do this is to build an email list. If you have a list of subscribers, and you’ve built a good relationship with them, you can send traffic wherever you want, whenever you want, by simply sending them an email.

Just finished creating a new site? Just shoot a quick email to your list and you can be getting traffic to a brand new site within minutes.

Created a new product? Traffic and sales could be showing up within a few minutes of queuing up an email to your subscribers.

This method obviously means you have to have some subscribers on your list, so you’ll need to use other methods initially to get those subscribers. But if you’re not collecting leads on your site with some type of opt-in process, you’re leaving a lot of potential traffic (and revenue) on the table.

If those subscribers only come back to your site once after they join your list, you’ve still doubled the traffic from those visitors. Let’s say you get 100 people visiting your site each day, and 10 of those visitors wind up subscribing to your email list. It’s a bit of an oversimplication, but if you convince each of those 10 people to visit your site one additional time, you’ll get 110 visitors the following day.

And of course, 10 more people join your list that day so the next day you have 120 visitors. Over time, this number keeps getting bigger so even if that 100 visitors is all you ever manage to generate, the total number of people coming to your site will keep growing.

A subscriber list isn’t the only choice here. Building relationship on sites like Twitter and Facebook can have much the same effect. And to frank here, if you don’t take advantage of building list via Facebook, you are missing out a lot. I encourage you to have a look at WP Fan Pro. How to build Fanpages in just few steps.  The important factor is having some way of following up with people after they visit your site the first time. When these systems are set up, you will be able to create traffic on demand.

And if you are using Facebook, you are welcome to download my FREE WSO about 14 FREE Ways To Make Money On Facebook

Is Social Media Marketing Worth The Time?

Social sites like Twitter and Facebook have been a hot topic for the last couple of years, with various “How To Market” products showing up on the market. The problem is a lot of the marketers who have tried these sites wind up giving up because they don’t get very good results for their top business ideas.

Does that mean that it’s a waste of time to use these sites for marketing purposes? Not at all. It simply means that you need to approach them effectively.

The reason a lot of marketers aren’t happy with their results is because they approach social media as a way to broadcast their message to a bunch of people at once.

They follow scores of people on Twitter and add everyone they can find as a friend on Facebook. Then they start sending out links to everything under the sun that they want to get traffic to.

But they never take any time to develop a relationship with those people, so they wind up being just one more blip in a stream of noise that most of their followers never read. And if most of their followers are doing exactly the same thing it winds up being a bunch of noise that nobody ever even reads.

It’s much more effective to build long-term relationships on social media. Don’t just send out one self-serving post after another – take the time to interact with people. Reply to other people’s updates, ask them questions and get to know people a bit.

Share stuff that has value even if it doesn’t benefit you in any way. Social media is much the same as the “real” world, and this is how you would build relationships in person.

After you start to develop those relationships, people in your network will be a lot more open to clicking on stuff that does benefit you, since you’ve already proven that you offer value. And it will also help you to spend a little less on Facebook Ads, although that will really help you out in your prosperous way.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should also be providing a lot of value in the offers or other content that you direct your followers to. If not, you’re only going to manage to get them to click once or twice before they tune you out.

If you spend some time building relationships before you try to sell yourself, you’ll probably find that social media is a lot more effective for you and your top business ideas will live up.

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