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There are several thing that you need to work with when you are trying to optimize your Best Business Ideas. One of these things is to create backlinks. But when you  are using links to build your website, you know, or will be aware of, that it is very time consuming. There has to be another way to get the links without you spending time asking to use the links on your site. There is a way to do this process. There is a strategy that has seven steps you can use.

To use link building, you find target websites. You review to decide if you think it is worth adding the site to yours. You research the contact person then send them a request to use their link. You sit and wait for their response.

There are many things you can to do to build your link popularity without sending out direct requests.

Here are some tips for getting the links:

1. Join an online discussion group and forum. Begin to be an active participant. When you join the community you will be able to spot the people who are building a productive business. When you create a strong relationship with these people, they will ask to link to your site. They will want to be linked with another profitable business.

2. Make a remark on your website where you state you desire more links. In the statement, ask for the links and add a spot for the person to write the linking code to their site that uses keywords phrases in the text. Use a proclamation similar to “If you find this site helpful, add your link so others can also benefit from this site.”

3. Publish a standard newsletter. Post the content of the newsletter on your site. Incorporate a statement in the newsletter “If you have enjoyed the newsletter, please include a link to your site.” Include your URL in the statement.

4. Publish articles on other sites such as ezines, informational sites, article banks, and media sites. There are several article sites on the internet so simple Google “article submission sites” and use the sites to transmit your message in the article.

5. Use well written content on the site and with all your publications. It is an old method but it is very successful. The better the content then you will draw people to your site where they will see your message about adding a link to your site.

6. Submit your site to legitimate award sites. When you share your site with these sites you will be amazed the great responses since you have great content on your site. They will want to link to your site.

7. Volunteer to become an editor for several directories. You then write down reviews for the sites of your own sites where you will have opportunities of getting to know the market better. When you know the market better you build a better network of peers.

This is just some of the strategies you can use, working to get your Best Business Ideas to fly.

Review-The Affiliate Power Group

This review will cover The Affiliate Power Group, APG, that consists of 4 successful Internet marketers; Ken, Suzanne, Cynthia, and Jeffery. They help people like YOU to build an online home business income for your Top Business Ideas. It ranges from affiliate programs to making money online in niche marketing. For as long time you want, they will be your private mentors. Their target goes from people who are total new in to Internet Marketing to more experienced ones that need i.e. more traffic etc. etc.

The membership focuses on making money from affiliate marketing and niche markets. Affiliate and niche marketing allows you to make a passive income and virtually put your residual profits on auto-pilot. How to do this is thoroughly described to you in a step by step format in the APG member area.

Among other things (this is just some out of many), they give you:

1)      12 Week Traffic Plan:

Traffic Plan Overview
1 – Get Started
2 – Keyword Research
3 – SEO
4 – Build Backlinks
5 – Build Your List
6 – Article Marketing
7 – Social Bookmarking
8 – Twitter
9 – Forum Marketing
10 – Press Releases
11 – Pay Per Click
12 – Joint Ventures
Monthly Action Plan

2)      Member Download Area: This area of the APG contains e-books, reports, software, monthly PLR articles, and much more. You will find this area filled with new stuff each and every month. They are FREE for any member! (worth more than the monthly fee)

3)      Videos: This area is a collection of videos covering topics on all aspects of running an internet home business such as: web hosting, webmaster, WP, SEO, Article marketing, Twitter, Google Ad words, Outsourcing, Traffic, Free and Paid marketing, CPA. The list continues.

4)      Private Forum: This area is one of the most powerful areas. As stated above you will have access to 5 full time internet marketers who can help you with any form of your online business or questions on the income and traffic plans. You will find them there every day of the week. I have not heard about any other member forums offering that.

One additional option is to join the “My Affiliate Power Site” (MAPS) program (free to join). In this program you will get a home business website that promotes 6 different streams of online income. The installation cost of a MAPS site is a one time fee of $97. This includes installation of a premium WP theme (worth $129), addition of banners and images coded with your affiliate ID, installation of essential plugins, cloaking of all affiliate links and 5 blog posts.

OK, this sounds really great, but what will it cost you to get everything above, and more?

You will be surprised when you continue to read:

You can check out the Affiliate Powergroup for $1. This will get you 10 days access to the member area.  If you don’t like it, just bail out and walk away. I must say, you cannot afford not to try this out.

Below is a description of payment options:

Monthly – ($1 for the first 10 days and then $39.95) automatic renewal – Your credit card will be charged automatically every month. Cancel anytime by e-mail.

3 Months – ($1 for the first 10 days and then $109.95 (save 9%)) automatic renewal – Your credit card will be charged automatically every three months. Cancel anytime by e-mail.

Yearly – ($1 for the first 10 days and then $297.95 (save 38%)) automatic renewal – Your credit card will be charged automatically every year. Cancel anytime by e-mail.

If I should point out a negative thing with APG, then it would be time. It is time consuming. What do I mean by that then? Before I joined APG, I used to run around on Internet, chasing information and advices all the time. I do not do that any more. But to be honest, the real reason for that is because I don’t need to. I have so much to get from APG so I put much more time here, gaining from all the stuff inside the member area.

If you’re serious about making money online and interested in finding quality coaching, helping you to walk, step by step, to your goal, then you can stop looking now. You really don’t anything to lose by giving The Affiliate Power Group’s $1 trial a go. You can cancel at any time during that 10 day trial, if you don’t like what the membership offers.

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Enhance your Top Business Ideas

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In order to be profitable with your own good home business ideas, there are some criteria that need some special attention. In the following article, I will give you 7 of them that you should consider to prioritize.

To create leverage, there are 7 things you should include in your actions.

Those things are:

1. Generate targeted traffic

2. Generate subscribers

3. Generate links

4. Build your network

5. Create product

6. Sell product

7. Recruit active affiliates

Generate targeted traffic

If you don’t have traffic to your site, nobody sees what you are providing. It’s like you should have the world’s best store, but while nobody visit, you will never sell anything. This is the same thing. You need to get traffic to your site. And even more important, traffic that is interested in what you are promoting. There are several ways to generate targeted traffic. And because this is a very important issue for your success, I will come back to this in coming articles.

Generate subscribers

To generate subscribers, also see this as creating your list, is a really important thing. The list will be your own little ocean to fish in. If you treat them well and not trying to fool them, they will be the base for you in order to establish your good home business ideas. Your subscribers are real people, and you need to treat them in that way. Don’t just try to sell your stuff to the all the time. They will definitely disappear. Provide your subscribers with valued information and make sure to be there on the other end, and you will create a profitable relationship.

Generate links

Going back to your “store” mentioned above. In order for your customers to find it, you should put out road signs for them to see. Creating links may work in the same way. When people read forum posts and similar, they will see your link and can navigate through it. The same goes for Google. If you post your link in several places, Google will pick them up, and that will help you in order to come higher up in the search results. This is one reason out of many more advantages to place your links. I will come back to that also in later articles.

Build your network

Building a network will always help you to implement and to enhance your good home business ideas. You can see your network as a part of your family within the Internet Marketing community. The ways  to build your own network can be many. Some examples;

-          Join several forums like the Warriorforum. Be active and you will eventually create some reputation that will help you to get in contact with people in there.

-          Be active and post good valued comments on blogs (don’t forget link to your own site)

-          Join special groups like Affiliate Power Group. In there you will be able to build a great network in an easy way.

This is just some examples. I’m sure you will be able to find out several more ways. Just make sure to work on your network. It will help you out.

Create product

Either you can use other people’s products to sell and get a commission out of that, or you can create a product by yourself. Some examples of own products:

-          E-books

-          Videos

-          Recordings

You can make the list as long as your imagination. Just create them out of what you know and what you like. Also make sure others will gain from your products and you will have sells.

Sell product

There are several ways to sell your product. You can use your own site to promote it. Some forums allow you to sell inside the threads. If you are a member of Warriorforum, you can use their special WSO, Warrior special Offer, in order to get a huge sell. The main thing is that you make sure other people see what you are promoting and you will get customers. In the beginning there might just be few of them, but it will grow.

Recruit active affiliates

When you have your own good product, you can use other affiliates to promote your own product. This will help you to reach a wider public, and you will be able to sell even more. But you have to be sure to have a good product first.

This was just a brief expose of things you need to pay attention to in order to be profitable with your own good home business ideas. If you want to get more from me, please sign up to my newsletter. Right now, you will get three SEO reports for free. I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Please post some comments below if you liked it. If you disagree, please tell me that also. All comments are welcome.